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There’s no Job too big or too small for us to take on.

General Repairs

We specialize in restoring or replacing a part of your home, or putting together what is torn or broken back to a healthy state.

Home Updates

Need a new sink, countertop or carpet? Home updates are small projects that focus on individual issues that you just need to get done.


There are times when you want to completely gut a bathroom and start over, or you have a large project to tackle, we can help.


You pick the colors and we will do the rest. It might seem simple, but there’s an art to painting and we have the techniques that work.


The worst thing in a room is a poor drywall attempt. Make sure your walls look smooth and unblemished by working with professionals.


Whether framing or structural work it’s important that the right materials are selected, cut and finished, but don’t cut corners.

General Repairs

Existing Electrical Repair

We offer a custom fit approach for homeowners who are updating, or repairing electrical home accents. We specialize in moving outlets, switches and fixtures to a new location and repairing the old location that is left behind, as if it was never there! We also update/replace existing electrical outlets, switches and fixtures, styles and functionality, to fit each home owner’s project needs!

Fans, Faucets, Lights and Drains

Custom update and repair of your home accents and practical considerations; such as: accent lighting, ceiling fans, faucets & drains in the bath and kitchen. Whether you just want to restore or repair your existing home fixtures and outlets, or go to the next level with your project and ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Door Repair and Installation

Custom fit approach to every kind of door repair, remove old and hang new door, frame in custom/new additions, as well as updates and redesigns. Every home owner can find help for every kind of project there is concerning doors and all things related!

Backsplash, Countertops and Surrounds

Custom fit approach to waterproofing or repairing the wet areas of your home. Replace, update, or redesign your countertops, sinks, backsplash or surround. Fix leaking pipes or faucets, repair countertops and sinks… or go all the way with  full scale updates, remodels or redesigns. We specialize in bringing your project ideas to life, and restoring your home to satisfaction!

Home Updates

Sink Insallations

You can update your kitchen, bathroom, or utility sinks with confidence!  Call us with design & product decisions that you already have in mind, or have us help you with the outline and necessary considerations for your specific project needs. We’ve got you covered, whatever your project’s scope may be. With over two years of installation and servicing experience to offer, we make sink update projects of any kind a hassle free experience!


Updating your countertops creates an amazing transformation in every kitchen and bathroom! We can remove the old and replace them with new products and designs chosen for your project update. Even if you have cabinet/cupboard updates that need to take place as part of the countertop install, we have the experience and skill to make your project ideas a reality!

Tub & Shower Remodel

When you’ve decided it’s time to remodel your tub or shower, you can be confident that we can handle all of you project needs from start to finish! We have the experience to give you the advice you need as well as the results you expect!

Window and Trim Updates

Windows, doors, and trim are all throughout your home… each having specific considerations to take into account in order to update them to meet your project goals. Finish carpentry of every kind is one of the backbones of our company! We have the skill and knowledge you need for trim, moulding, casing, doors, windows, cabinets, cupboards, and even custom carpentry projects!


Living Room, Bedroom & Closets

When the time has come to take your project further than typical updates and repairs, you have come to the right source. TG Handyman Pro has the experience you need to tackle the complex dynamics involved in remodeling projects for every area of your home. We can help you transform the space you live in to meet every need and ideal you have in mind!   

Kitchen & Bath

Are you ready to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? TG Handyman Pro is just the solution you need. We have extensive experience dealing with the wet areas of your home, from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between! Just share your needs and ideas with us, then watch as your new kitchen or bathroom comes to life!

Basement Remodel

Remodeling the basement in your home is a very popular choice that can also significantly increase your home’s value. TG Handyman Pro is the perfect company for you when you decide to take that step. These are big projects that can cost thousands and require multiple trade-skills.. We have the ability to bring every trade-skill to the table for you, which saves you money and time by eliminating the need for multiple “specialty” (high cost) contractors. Give us a call to see how we can help you with your project goals today!

Open Concept Design

Open concept designs have become very exciting and useful in their functionality for many homeowners today. With over three years as a company, TG Handyman Pro has been afforded the opportunity to work in many beautiful homes! You can use our experience, specialty skills and knowledge as a medium to work your ideas through, then let us transform those ideas into reality for you!


Wall, Trim & Ceiling

When it comes to paint, TG Handyman Pro has you covered. Whether you are painting walls, trim or ceilings, with years of experience to bring to the table we have the answers and the approach to make your project a clean and efficient process that has the perfect results you first pictured in your mind. Also, when choosing the right color scheme is a challenge, we have the interior design experience to help you decide on just the right color scheme to fit the atmosphere you are updating perfectly. Give us a call to see how we can help you with your painting needs, today!  

Retexture & Resurface

Many homeowners run into a standstill with painting or updating projects because of texture and/or surface area circumstances that first have to be addressed. The types of needs you have for your project may be texture repair, an altogether new texture update, or something like stains, mold, mildew, heavy usage (high traffic) damage, etc. TG Handyman Pro has the skillset and experience to solve any of the challenges that these projects present, and we’d love to be your solution, too!


When you need paint repairs/touch-ups, colormatching is a necessity, and TG Handyman Pro has the knowledge and approach you need to be able to deliver you with the results you are looking for. The possible reasons for needing a colormatch are quite numerous, and sometimes there are even instances when colormatch is not a logical option.  Whichever kind of project needs you’re facing, let us put to work for you the years of experience we have gained while solving these project needs for homeowners like you!

Custom Paint Projects

Painting cabinets and cupboards is a very popular project on many homeowners project list! Maybe you have a more uniquely personal paint idea? a styled pattern/color scheme, a piece of furniture or other personal décor? With three years of service to area homeowners, TG Handyman Pro has the knowledge and skill you need to provide you with results that are picture pefect!


Drywall Repairs

Have a drywall repair, or repairs that need to disappear?  TG Handyman Pro can solve every homeowner’s drywall repair needs! Whether you have gouges, cracks, peeling seems, hole repair needs, or even ceiling/wall-texture repair needs, TG Handyman Pro has got you covered!

Texturing, Taping & Mudding

Whether you’re looking to remodel, repair, or repaint a spot, a nook, a room, or a whole floorplan TG Handyman Pro is able to provide each homeowner with individualized services, custom tailored  to meet everyone’s unique project goals. Planning and completing drywall projects are one of the mainstays of our company! From drywall taping and mudding projects, to custom texture for your walls or ceiling, we can help you bring your project to completion!

Custom Drywall Projects

Most homeowners today live in a home with a floorplan that is unique to their home. TG Handyman Pro has the experience and expertise to plan and complete your custom drywall project, no matter what challenges are presented! Give us a call; we’d love to help bring your project ideas to reality, today!

Complete Demolition & Installation

When your needs are beyond the typical sanding, touchup, and repaint; TG Handyman Pro has the experience and solutions to bring your project to completion! We can tear out the old and install the new (or anything you need in between) through all the drywall phases; up to and including the paint phase(s) of your project. You can feel confident that whatever your project outlines may be, TG Handyman Pro is your solution!


Kitchen Cabinets & Cupboards
This is a great way to update a kitchen space, and is very cost effective too! TG Handyman Pro has been helping home owners make this update an easy and painless process for over three years now, and we’d love to be the helping hand with your project as well! We can handle any type of carpentry/drywall or custom needs that arise during these projects, so you can enjoy the results without the stress!
Custom Built-ins & Storage
Every home has it’s own particular layout, and has to have it’s own custom built-in’s and storage solutions! This is a high demand, and quite uniquely varied skillset that TG Handyman Pro has the ability to bring to the table to help you with your custom project. It is hard to define all of the different categories of creative ways home owners have been able to use our help to bring to life their vision. You can rest easy that if you can envision it, or need help bringing your idea into focus first, we have the skill and knowledge to bring your project to life!
Custom Trim & Molding
Many home owners are faced with the task of updating their interior accents and design. Trim & molding projects are a great way to achieve just that! With more than three years of helping the Sioux Falls region, TG Handyman Pro has the knowledge and experience you need for your finish project. Let us take the hard work out of your ideas, and deliver you with the finished result you have in mind!
Home Accent & Design
Home accent and design is a creative category, for home owners with a unique idea or need. TG Handyman Pro has the trade skills, knowledge, and experience to be the solution for your creative needs and ideas. You can have us bring the idea you have in mind to life, or we can help you with your design’s planning as well as its implementation. From initial steps and stages, all the way on through the final finish works and details, we’re the answer you need!

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